The Three Point Post Hole Digger: A Labor Saving Attachment You Will Use!

The Three Point Post Hole Digger: A Labor Saving Attachment You Will Use!

One of the handiest tools around the homestead is a three point post hole digger or post auger. Planting trees and installing fenceposts are major jobs with a shovel but a breeze with post hole diggers, even in the rocky Ozarks where I live.

In this video we’re going to look at digging a hole to plant a blue spruce tree and discuss operation, safety and storage of post hole diggers.

I don’t go into this in the video, but there are a few options available for post hole diggers. My favorite, and one I wish I had, is a “leveling rod” which is a handle that goes from the gearbox to the operator area on the tractor and allows you to “aim” the point of the auger directly where you want the hole. I noticed when I was editing the video that my sudden drop of the auger meant I missed the intended location of the spruce tree. Don’t tell my wife, she’s happy where it is! There is also, on some of the heavier post hole diggers, a hydraulic option, that uses a cylinder to put down pressure on the auger. I’m not sold on that feature, because if the weight of the whole unit doesn’t make a hole, you could have a dull tip (most are replaceable), or you’re trying to dig somewhere that’s solid rock, and I’m not sure hydraulics will help. Holes can be dug in solid rock but it takes a “coring auger” that basically grinds the shape of the hole, then you have to take the center out which can be fun. That’s generally not the job of a tractor, but an industrial piece of equipment so don’t attempt to cut solid rock with one of these. Finally, you can usually get augers in 6″, 9″, 12″ and 16-18″ diameters. The 12″ auger is what I have and, at least in this area, is the most popular and  what I’d recommend for most applications.

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